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Alice Cooper -- West Hollywood, CA -- July 31st, 2003

No opening acts, co-headline, 90 min sets each, only $50, the shows were only announced a week or two in advance otherwise it could have been put in a bigger place. Ted Nugent had a new album out the year before and Alice Cooper had no new album out, did an entirely retro show with a new song from a forthcoming disc in the set and no stage show.

House Of Blues

Ted Nugent

-taped intro- (Ray Charles' America The Beautiful)
01. Star Spangled Banner/Pledge Of Allegience
02. Free For All
03. Wango Tango
04. Stormtroopin'
05. Snakeskin Cowboys
06. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
07. Klstrphnky
08. Crave
09. Rawdogs & Warhogs
10. I Wont Go Away
11. She Likes My Butter On Her Gritz
12. Hey Baby
13. Kiss My Ass
14. Cat Scratch Fever
15. Stranglehold
16. Great White Buffalo


01. Hello Hooray
02. No More Mr Nice Guy
03. Billion Dollar Babies
04. Long Way To Go
05. Public Animal # 9
06. Be My Lover
07. Lost In America
08. I'm Eighteen
09. Is It My Body?
10. Desperado
11. Halo Of Flies
12. Welcome To My Nightmare
13. Cold Ethyl
14. Only Women Bleed
15. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
16. School's Out
17. Poison
18. Elected
19. I'm So Angry
-band intros-
20. Under My Wheels
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