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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I don't recal reading anyone say they need to drop Sandman, MOP or One. While NEM is a well known song it's not a song that's gonna get people to come to a Metallica show if that's all they know from them. Spending 75 bucks a ticket for one song is just stupid. NEM isn't a song that brings people to the shows it's the entire Metallica catalog. If they dropped it from the set today and never played it again they would still sell out shows around the world.

NEM causes more debate than any other song in the set. When fans are divided on weather or not to play a certian song like they are with this it can hardly be considered their most popular song. A bands most popular song is a song that dedicated as well as casual fans can agree is the bands signature tune.
true, but, you could make the same argument about sandman. Its over played too, yet no one bitches about it being played. Just cause you personally don't love the song doesn't mean its shit or they shouldn't play it every night. I don't like fight fire with fire, yet I don't mind when they play it, cause I know a lot of people do like it.
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