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Originally Posted by deathx88 View Post
eh fuckin rip off.
i would get a refund it it weren't for zz top.

they advertised the toys in the attic album and we're getting shit songs.
$200 for front row and $40 for a shirt, do these guys really need to charge that much for this shit. i got lawn seats for $55, now thats a rip off especially since they're not playing what they initially said they're going to play.

eat the rich
dream on
train kept a rollin
walkin the dog
sweet emotion
walk this way

the rest is shit.
go zz top for not being such a bunch of assholes and not doing what aerosmith did. fuckin pricks aerosmith are.

on top of that they postponed the tampa show, along with several others, which they never even rescheduled yet. this is the last time i'll ever consider seeing them.

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