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Originally Posted by iggus View Post
their sets get more and more lame with each passing tour....with ticket prices sky high they could at least drop 20 songs in the set...this way they could play their mtv crap and at least half a set for those of use that have been waiting for a return of cool old songs...what happened to the Toys record being played? last time I saw these guys was with the Crue and they turned in a 12 song set, including a joe perry song and two blues tunes NOT on that lame azz blues cover I wish Aerosmith would rock again...
Tyler just doesn't have it like he used to anymore. That's why the sets are so short now. He pulls a leg muscle and has to cancel shows and his voice is starting to go a bit he just doesn't have the power in it like he used to. Maybe he should call Dio up and ask him pointers on how to keep vocal strength up when you get passed 60
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