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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
It would be cool if they played thoes. songs that no one knew there wouldnt be much of a reaction if they played inject the venom or C.O.D
probably right....I would freak out about "let's get it up"..that was a radio hit and a great song...

and I like a lot of SUP album. Live the title track was really cool...would rather see that then Anything Goes, which I have to say is one of the lamest AC/DC songs out there IMO...

If I picked the set most people wouldn't give up much of a reaction outside of die hards...I would want to hear songs like : Go Down, Inject the venom, Live Wire, Flick of the Switch, Hail Ceaser, What do you do for money, Touch Too Much, Beatin Around the Bush, Playing with Girls, Satellite Blues Nick of Time...actually start at album one, song one and continue to the end of black ice...skipping Anything Goes...

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