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Excellent set. I think I like this combined with the one I saw the night before. I was pleased to get No Leaf Clover, Leper Messiah, Ride The Lightning and the debut of Suicide & Redemption.

When they out sets together like those two I do get the feeling that they know which songs make their sets special. They know full well what to put it to please to real fans.

I'd have prefered Cyanide instead of Broken, Beat And Scarred. And probably Of Wolf And Man instead of The Memory Remains. Between the two though they probably played all of my favourite songs.

That said, I got Of Wolf And Man, The Thing That Should Not Be, Cyanide, Frantic, Blackened, Until It Sleeps, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Wherever I May Roam and Jump In The Fire in London at the very beginning of this tour last September. Then got Holier Than Thou, Creeping Death, Turn The Page, All Nightmare Long, Damage Inc., and Too Late Too Late in London in March.

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