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Originally Posted by jimcarrey363 View Post
I'm going to see this show on Friday, and I'm so PUMPED! Mushroomhead will be there too! Too bad J Mann isn't still in the band. I like his voice a little better than Waylon's.

Do you know about what time the main stage started? I want to get there to see some of the 2nd stage bands, so I'm trying to judge my 2+ hour drive.

Also, not that my opinion matters, but KSE is great! They are a great bunch of guys who rock and know how to have fun on stage. I'm not at all scared to say I've enjoyed their show all 4 times I've seen them.

I appreciate your opinion though mankvill. Some people love Dragonforce, and I think they are the worst band ever. To each his own.
The set times are posted all over the place once you get there, but my date, the main stage started at abooooooooout 5:30. I think my date was the first one where the 2nd stages finished up completely before the main stages started. I dunno if they still do that. It was: All the 2nd stage bands play except Cannibal Corpse, BFMV would open the mains tage, CC would close the 2nd stages, and then the mainstage would continue. But on my date, all the 2nd stages finished before the main stage started. So, be careful about that.

Also: Dforce roolz, dood.
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