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Overkill -- Toronto, ON -- October 13th, 2008

This was my first time seeing Overkill, and it came just a day before my 19th birthday, so it was a great way to end my 18 years. It was a fabulous show, they put on one helluva stage performance, especially Bobby "Blitz" going crazy like he does a lot.

First band up was Piledriver. These guys were spectacular, I had never heard about them before until now, but I found out they're local because the singer at one point said "Happy Thrashgiving" because it was Thanksgiving Monday. The one thing I had never seen b4 was the bassist's bass was louder than the guitarist's guitar, which was surprising, Nevertheless, they were wicked.

Second band was Epicurean. I had never heard of this band before, but they had a melodic sound to them. I initially liked them the first time, but after I saw them with Rotting Christ and Kreator, I now hate them because they're generic and they don't fit any thrash metal bills whatsoever. I regret buying their CD at the show, looking back on it.

Third band up was Warbringer. Holy Christ, they just blew Epicurean out of the water with their thrash metal songs, I got solo's in my face from John Laux, which was even more epic. John Kevill had a wicked stage presence as well. All in all these guys were super tight. Don't remember the titles of their set (except for total war), but still it was an epic setlist nonethelss.

Now time for the grand finale, Overkill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had gotten into their stuff like a couple months prior to the show, and I knew most of their set, but didn't know 6 songs because I had never heard them before. Still the unknown songs kicked ass.

Overkill setlist:
1. Where it Hurts
2. Powersurge
3. Rotten to the Core
4. I Hate
5. Thanx for Nothin'
6. Damned
7. Skull & Bones
8. Necroshine
9. F.U.C.T.
10. Hello from the Gutter
11. Walk Through Fire
12. Overkill I
13. Wrecking Crew
14. Old School

15. Horrorscope
16. Fear His Name Medley/Elimination
17. Fuck You

During the mid section of Fuck You, I got the setlist from Bobby "Blitz" while he was screaming "We Don't Care What You Say?" Crowd: *Raising Middle Fingers* FUCK YOU. Also, during the conclusion of Fuck You, he did a stage dive, and I was one of the guys putting him back on the stage and holy fuck he was sweaty. I also got Derek "The Skull" Tailer's last guitar pick, I bought a Warbringer cd, Epicurean cd (as mentioned earlier that I regret buying), a copy of Overkill's new album, and an Overkill shirt. Plus after the show, I met most of Overkill except for the drummer, they were really nice guys. I also met John Laux and John Kevill from Warbringer, they were cool to, and I met 2 dudes from Epicurean, they were nice guys as well. So it was a great early b-day present for me .

Location of Venue: Opera House.
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