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I can't write too much. I showed up at about 9:30 while Emmure started to play. It only took me a fraction of a second to get out of that building. Devildriver played at 10:20-11:15ish. I would've loved to see much more of their material played. Nevertheless I had a great time.

I crowdsurfed during the song Clouds over California. I got thrown up on stage and my leg hit the edge of the monitor. It was EXCRUCIATING pain for the next 20 seconds, I could barely have crawled back to the pit. You know what makes it cool though? Dez asked me if I was alrite. Hahahaha that gave me the boost to go back and through the pain, face the pit once again!

It was an amazing show, but I couldn't believe how short the set was. I hope I get to see them headline again sometime when they have a larger time slot.

I left with a really cool t-shirt that has tour dates on it, but thank god it doesn't say thrash n burn on it, because I never want to be associated with any of the opening bands

Overall, I would say it IS worth spending your money to see such an amazing band. Their songs sound almost better live than on recording. But if you do go, make sure to show up late because all the pre bands, as andrew said, are fucking TERRIBLE.

Thanks for reading!

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