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Prophets of War, Keyboard Solo and Sacrificed Sons at the begining? What a mood killer right at off the bat. Especially after opening with the excellent Nightmare To Remember. Wit the exception of the title track, Root Of All Evil and These Walls i've always felt Octivarium was their most boring album. I wasn't expecting them to bust out these kind of songs til the tour went for awhile and they got bored with doing the good shit. Since they aren't getting much time on this tour it seems they should be making the best of it and this set isn't the way to do it. I've always liked Misunderstood so it's cool that they brought that back this tour. Luckily they saved the show by ending with Count Of Tuscany

I'm sure DT does their best as always live and their song length does play into it but I would deffinately feel disappointed or cheated if i'm attending one of these show and they only 7 or 8 songs
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