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Pedal to the Metal -- Lowell, MA -- July 25th, 2009

Awesome show. Suicide Silence was the best band there, followed by Bury Your Dead and Mudvayne. BLS was good, and Static-X sucked in my opinion. I wrote a full review on the Mayhem fest forums under the name slip_knot if anyone's interested in reading it. Here are the sets I was able to come up with. The BYD and SS sets are 100% correct and in order, I'm a big fan of both.

Bury Your Dead:

Broken Body
House of Straw
Eyes Wide Shut
Without You
Twelfth Stroke of Midnight
Hurting Not Helping
Losin' It

Suicide Silence:

Wake Up
The Price of Beauty
Bludgeoned to Death
No Time to Bleed
No Pity For a Coward

Black Label Society: (not 100% sure about this, found it on the BLS forum)

Black Mass Reverends
Destruction Overdrive
Faith Is Blind
The Rose Petalled Garden
Suicide Messiah
Genocide Junkies
New Religion
The Last Goodbye
Fire It Up
Zakk Guitar Solo
Stoned And Drunk
The Blessed Hellride
Concrete Jungle

Mudvayne: (Couldn't remember the order, but the first two and last two songs are in order. I'm also pretty sure I'm missing a couple of songs.)

Not Falling
Internal Primates Forever
Rain. Sun. Gone.
Do What You Do
A New Game
Dull Boy
Death Blooms
Nothing to Gein

A little disappointed Mudvayne didn't play Determined but they were still great. All the bands were awesome, but Static-X was a disappointment.
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