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Megadeth -- Hollywood, CA -- July 26th, 1991

Following the end of the Clash Of The Titans tour, Megadeth did a string of small venue dates ending the tour at the Hollywood Palladium.

In order of appearance


30 mins, no setlist, they were great

Alice In Chains

40 mins, no setlist, to date I had never been so bored at a show in my life

MEGADETH (75 mins)

01. Wake Up Dead
02. Hook In Mouth
03. Set The World Afire
04. Hangar 18
05. Lucretia
06. The Conjuring
07. In My Darkest Hour
08. Dawn Patrol
09. Devil's Island
10. Tornado Of Souls
11. Go To Hell (live debut?)
12. Mechanix
13. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
14. Peace Sells
15. Anarchy In The UK
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