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The way I look at it is this. There's always a cool alpha male jock in every highschool. Whatever he likes will be seen as edgy and the thing to listen to. This band can quickly become hated once that band does something that pisses this jock off, say...Fred Durst running his mouth about fucking both Christina and Britney, and them later refuting that he's full of shit. The jock's sudden dislike of the band causes the popularity to nose dive hence the "Yea Limp Bizkit used to be cool, but now they suck."

But when that "once-hated" band reunites, of course the PR scumbags are gonna be all like "hey, they're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkk!" And because that asshole jock isn't around, but that bands music is linked so well to you because you were a fucking follower, you'll be all like "Who cares if Fred is full of shit, Limp Bizkit rawwwwwwwkkkkksss!"

That is my explanation of Jeff's observation.

I never really cared about Blink. Didn't love em, didn't hate em, they were just there. That being said, I will always hold a grudge against them for calling the album "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket," as opposed to what I first remember it being called, "Drop Your Pants and Start Jackin it!"

Fun fact: My Dad liked "What's My Age Again."
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