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Dream Theater -- Miami, Fl -- July 24th, 2009


01.A Nightmare to Remember
02.A Rite of Passage
03.Hollow Years
04.Keyboard Solo
07.The Count of Tuscany
08.Metropolis Pt. 1

Not really sure what to think about this. Seven songs seems like a total joke, but if you do the math it works out to be about 80-90 minutes, so I guess it's not terrible. The first 3 songs are no surprise, I would've bet on them. Happy about the fact that they're doing The Count of Tuscany, and Metropolis Pt. 1 is probably my favorite DT song, so no complaints. It just seems like there should be more to this.
I can only assume Solitary Shell, Caught in a Web, possibly As I Am, and a few other random things will be popping up in the set lists to come.
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