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good to see life to lifeless back in the set.
I wasn't at that show, but judging from what was and wasn't played, I would assume that missing song is this is absolution it was both a single, and was played at music as a weapon IV, so its a good bet that might have been it.
pretty awsome set from KSE in my opinion, this fire would have been a welcome treat. Awsome man, thanks for posting.

Its a little lame that cannibal and ATR played their exact mayhem sets. I'm not a big CC fan but if I was I would have been irritated to see the same set. and who ever heard of a band playing second getting more time than the band playing third. I mean I see why ATR played just before KSE, they're more similar, but that's a bit weird the way they did that. Maybe Cannibal had to go somewhere else?

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