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Warrant -- Allentown, PA -- July 23rd, 2009

Haters say what they want about these guys, but put aside cherry pie and heaven and give them a chance. i was never a Warrant fan until i caught them in Canada last summer at Heavy MTL festival when they had Jani Lane back... they were awesome... much heavier than i ever imagined. Once i heard that Robert Mason (Lynch Mob) was fronting them now, i knew i couldnt miss by going to see them this time around.

i arrived about 20 minutes before they took the stage. they came on very strong and energetic but in true Crocodile Rock fashion... there was immediate sound problems... Mason went through about 5 microphones before one actually worked.. even then there was feedback and level problems. this was annoying however it actually helped the band show how professional they really are. Mason didnt get upset, simply just smiled and did what he could with Joey Allen's mic. Mason can out-sing just about anyone, hes got an amazing voice, still after all these years... hitting all the high notes and nailing everthing Jani ever did. The rest of the guys sounded great... backing vocals and instrumentation were spot on.. joey allen is a hell of a guitar player as well. band looks great and looks like they are not stopping any time soon. bottom line, if Warrant is near you playing, give them a chance and check them out, i assure you, you wont regret. One of the MOST professional bands iv ever seen. enough rambling, heres the setlist...

Down Boys
Big Talk
Sure Feels Good
32 Pennies
Sometimes She Cries
The Hole In My Wall
So Damn Pretty
Machine Gun
I Saw Red
Bed Of Roses
Ridin' High
Blind Faith
Mr. Rainmaker
Uncle Tom's Cabin
We Will Rock You (Queen)
Cherry Pie
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