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Killswitch Engage -- Louisville, KY -- July 23rd, 2009

So Killswitch Engage did an off-night from Rockstar Mayhem along with Whitechapel, Cannibal Corpse, and All That Remains. The venue was different, being a hotel conference center, but it wasn't bad. I got there just as Whitechapel was finishing up their set, so I heard their last song, and I am just not a fan of the band.

Cannibal Corpse was the second band to go on, which I thought was strange, especially since they would end up playing a longer set than All That Remains. None the less, I didn't think I was going to enjoy them as much as I did, and even got into the pit during "Sentenced To Burn". I'm not one to get into pits too often, but I felt like "Why not?" After all, it's not often you see a band like Cannibal Corpse. They sounded great though, didn't seem like there were any sound problems or anything from where I was. I would recommend seeing them if you're into metal.

Evisceration Plague
The Time To Kill Is Now
I Cum Blood
Sentenced To Burn
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
Make Them Suffer
Priests Of Sodom
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped, And Strangled

I am a pretty big fan of All That Remains, but I guess I'm not because I was not aware their bassist was a female. I didn't really catch it at Rock on the Range a few months ago since I was so far back, but man...I am dumb. Anyway, their set was really short for playing right before Killswitch and the sound was good, could have been could have been that I was a little farther back than I was for Corpse, but whatever. I was kinda hoping ATR would have played more than 7 songs, but it was still good to see them again nonetheless.

This Calling
Forever In Your Hands
The Air That I Breathe
Two Weeks

Now I don't know if it's just Rockstar Mayhem and the outdoor venues, or if Louisville is straight metal, because Killswitch sounded really good tonight. I think Howard's vocals probably could have been turned up a hair, but other than that, they put on a really fantastic show. The crowd was into them the entire time, and they played much longer than they have been on the Mayhem tour (kind of a given though since it was a headlining show). I'm a pretty big Killswitch fan, and the only thing that would have made this show better was if Trivium were there, haha.

My Last Serenade
Starting Over
Fixation On The Darkness
This Fire
Take This Oath
Rose Of Sharyn
A Light In A Darkened World
A Bid Farewell
The Arms Of Sorrow
Life To Lifeless
My Curse
The End Of Heartache
Holy Diver

Overall, I'd give the show a 7/10. It was a really good show, sound was really good and the crowd wasn't too bad. It wasn't the best show I've been too, but it was very enjoyable.

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