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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
They may have forgoten how to play Eye Of The Beholder. It hasn't been played live in 20 years as far as I know but they remembered or re-learned how to play Trapped Under Ice so anything's possible. I'm with you on getting one of those other ones off the Black Album in there. Roam hasn't been played live in awhile now which surprises me since it's such a well known song for them and the best song on The Black Album along with The God That Failed.

I know The God That Failed became a regular on the Madly in Anger tour but it's been played very rarely since then as far as I know. I'm sure some songs not getting in the set at all has to do with weather the band remembers the music/lyrics, if it sounds good live and weather or not the band members like the song at all.
I'd love to hear escape live off ride the lightning. that would be awsome.
if they can play justice or blackened, why not eye of the beholder, lol. Oh wait that's right, its cause I like it, that's why they won't play it, but you're right I have no idea the last time they played it.

I like god that failed, they used the intro to my friend of misery as the basis for the base and guitar dudle in the 90's, but as far as I know they've not played that song in forever either.

I love death magnetic as much as the next guy, and I know technically this is still the tour supporting death magnetic, but is it still really necessary to play 4 5 and or 6 songs off it a night? I mean it doesn't surprise me they do, but, I've heard death magnetic for a year, play some more old shit you've not played in 20 years for crying outloud.

sorry for the little rant.
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