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Originally Posted by The_jman View Post
Of all the ones off the black album I'd rather see where ever I may roam than holier, something maybe they've not played in years, like don't tred on me, or struggle within, or hell even the god that failed or through the never.
I think they need to start playing eye of the beholder live again.
They may have forgoten how to play Eye Of The Beholder. It hasn't been played live in 20 years as far as I know but they remembered or re-learned how to play Trapped Under Ice so anything's possible. I'm with you on getting one of those other ones off the Black Album in there. Roam hasn't been played live in awhile now which surprises me since it's such a well known song for them and the best song on The Black Album along with The God That Failed.

I know The God That Failed became a regular on the Madly in Anger tour but it's been played very rarely since then as far as I know. I'm sure some songs not getting in the set at all has to do with weather the band remembers the music/lyrics, if it sounds good live and weather or not the band members like the song at all.
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