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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
I want to see Slayer really bad but I just found out what a ticket to this show for the VA Beach date will cost me.

$49.50 Ticket
$6.00 Parking
$0.25 Charity
$13.00 Ticket Fee
$4.95 Ticket Tax
$73.70 For short Behemoth and CC sets and an hour of Slayer. Fuck that shit. The Slayer set looks awesome but I'll save my money for some shows this fall that aren't saturated with core junk and freakin Manson.

On a side note, I know ticketmaster charges you a BS "service fee" but at least that wording sounds better than LiveNation's freakin "ticket fee". Basically says let me charge you $13 (!) to have the privilege of purchasing something.
I'm so sick of this, I got up early on a sunday, drove 20 minutes to and from BART and paid $8.50 for a round trip to save $20 on a pair of tickets just for the principal of saying fuck you to Ticketmaster/Live Nation.
Trent Reznor was right about this whole thing, since they've merged I've noticed that fees have gone up also. You might notice now that Ticketmaster redirects you to Live Nation online for many shows.
12/17 Metallica?
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