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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I like KSE. They're not the greatest band ever and will never be close to that but I don't see how they're killing metal. Is it becasue they're last 2 albums have gone gold? They way I see it is any metal band that can sell well is a positive thing for the genre it'll cause more people to get into metal overall. The lyrics are little more pussy on the new one but I fail to see how that alone is killing anything in metal. I'm sure there are plenty of metal bands out there who suck way more at it. I do think their cover of Holy Diver is bad though but i'm also a big Dio fan.

I still think it's funny that Manson is the headliner yet most of the reviews I've read everyone is leaving after Slayer who should be the headliner anyways.
The only good thing I see about Killswitch Engage/metalcore being popular is that maybe it'll fester a lot of hatred for the genre in younger people who will, in turn, make fuckawesome bands as a result.
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