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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

@Serpentine: I didn't see the Behemoth shirt merch, but I did see someone wearing a light grey Evangelion 2009 US Tour shirt that had dates listed on it fro when they got on Summer Slaughter to the end of Rockstar Mayhem. Cannibal Corpse shirts are all $21 (at least they were in Omaha) and I believe the only current tour shirt they have now is the one with the Evisceration Plague cover on the front, dates on the back in front of a horde of zombies. Tons of KILL shirts and a pretty cool Butchered at Birth design. I passed the Slayer shirts, it looked like the standard Slayer fare as fas ar shirts go. $25 - $30.
The Evangelion shirt sounds cool, and with so much Cannibal shirts I think I'll pick one up. I might have to pass on the Slayer shirts if they're that expensive, which reminds me to ask how the standard tour shirt is. Any good?
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