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Whew just got back from a fun 2+ hr drive!!!!

Got there somewhat late...missed Whitechapel and apparently didn't miss a whole hell of a lot so no big deal on that. Got there probably 15 mins before Behemoth came on and boy would I have been pissed if I missed them. But of course they were amazing as they were the last time I saw them. God Forbid was next and loved their set as well. I might have preferred a different selection of songs from "Earthsblood" but still from the LOG tour I got to hear alot of the new songs I wanted. Plus it was nice getting "Broken Promise". Crowd was definitley hot for GF and I think they may have had the best reaction on Jager stage. BDM was next. I thought they were pretty good but still not necessarily my thing personally. I'm going to be honest here, as far as 2nd stage bands I really liked All That Remains the least. I just really don't think that they really bring anything to the table. I just found them dull and boring. I actually spent half of their set deleting pictures out of my camera. JFAC was next up and now for the 2nd time they still really didn't do a whole lot for me either. I was hoping that they would bring more to the table this time and the answer was definitley no. The "Kids" seemed to enjoy them.

Left JFAC a little early and got to meet Corey and Byron from GF and got autographs and pictures w/ them which definitley made the rest of my day.

For the most part I thought Trivium was pretty good. This was the first time out of 3 times I've actually got to see a full set from them. I can't comment too much b/c I really only know more of their popular stuff and really haven't listened to "Shogun" very much but what I did know was pretty good.

Wow I almost really screwed up. I was paying attention to the schedule in the program and I thought BFMV was going to be doing mainstage and halfway through I figured I would leave to get good spot for Cannibal Corpse. Thank god I didn't do that. 1st time seeing CC and wow I don't even know what to say right now. For some reason the 35 minutes seemed to go by fast. They tried to say Hammer Smashed Face was going to be last song and I really got pissed luckily he said they still had 1 more after that.

What a drop off going from CC to BFMV. I'm going to try to be positive but this will be tough. BFMV were really really not good at all. I really put them at the top of my list along w/ Shinedown of bands nobody should really see live. The positive out of this is I got to sit on the lawn and rest for awhile. Everything after that is best forgotten. There was a guy sitting behind me on the lawn yelling obscenities the whole time. I really felt at home after that.

My review for KSE will be a little different. Out of the 3 or 4 times I've seen them this was probably the best I have seen them. W/ only a 40+ min setlist that is really about the perfect time to see them. Anything else after that really drags and they put in their more emo-crappy newer songs. Crowd was def dead for the 2 new ones they played. Not sure if it was in the water but wow girls were taking off their shirts left and right. Adam D renamed it to Kansas Tity. I'm definitley loving the whole band playing in tuxedo t-shirts and I was even more ecstatic to finally have Adam D in a cape finally!!!! I was very surprised I enjoyed them as much as I did.

The Slayer thing was definitley dissapointing. I don't really recall going to a show where one of the first memories I have is how horrible the sound was. It's one of those jobs where if you don't here anything about it then they did their job. I'm not going to act like I know how to do sound but the 1st half of their set was just god-awful. Which really dissapointed me b/c I haven't seen Slayer in almost 5 years. A definite highlight was getting to see some drunk asshole in the pit get absolutely clocked in the side of the face. The sound situation definitley has me a little sour.

I'm not ashamed to say I stayed for Manson and I definitley enjoyed myself. Obviously the stuff off his new album wasn't quite as good as the other songs he played but still entertaining. Sadly nothing off of POAAF, GAOG, or EMDM. Thought he would have more time to atleast get 1 off of each of those but I think b/c of the Slayer sound situation he got shorted a song. But still I really thought he still did a good job. Maybe take off 1 new song and substitute w/ something else. Just my opinion. Overall a great day of music. Now off to work in another 6 hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!
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