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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I have no problem with them doing Sandman at all I understand that but i've seen Metallica live 5 times already(it will be 6 this november) and NEM gets an OK reaction live but it's nowhere near the reaction that songs like Fade, Sanitarium and the Unforgiven get. These songs are being left out of the set in favor of NEM? As far as NEM being their second most well known song i hardly hear it a lot on my local radio anymore. I hear them play Sandman, One, Master, Unforgiven, Sad and Roam way more often. I've always considered One their second most well known song. So when people bring up about NEM being their second most famous song i really have no idea where they're getting that from. It has nothing to do with NEM being a big radio single for me it has to do with it being a plain crappy and boring song.
I guess it depends by region. On my local alternative/modern rock station, NEM and Sandman get the most play (other than the Death Mag. songs).

I guess as far as their most popular song, I guess it depends who you talk to. The more modern rock/alternative/non-metal crowd will probably tell you that Nothing Else matters is one of their most popular songs, while a more metal person will tell you Master of puppets and One. It's also worth mentioning that their most played song by users on is Nothing else Matters (even more than Sandman). I Know, that could include generally non-metallica fans who just like their lighter stuff, but that just goes to show how far that song has reached to people outside of those who listen to metal and hard rock.

It would be cool though to see Unforgiven in more often. I've always considered that a heavier & less repetitive NEM in some ways.
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