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Originally Posted by Queensrychian View Post
Yeah they do switch up the songs but, I feel for 90 bucks we should get their best and 2 to 3 cover songs a set is to much and where are the songs they made their bones on. Before Death Magnetic it had been nearly 20 years since they had a hit album. It's time they pull a maiden and celebrate their history with kick ass shows from their past. Watch Binge and Purge, the And Justice tour, just watch the crowd shots. I remember the arena actually moving, the upper tier actually was moving, I miss that!!!!!!!!
I've watched the Binge and Pugre Videos/DVDs many times and it's awesome but you can't live in the past forever. I was only ten when Justice came out so I never had a chance to see Metallica on that tour. I've seen them on every tour since then and no matter what they choose to play(except for NEM) they always give their best and put on a top notch performance. Also Death Magnetic is not their first hit album in almost 20 years. Load has sold 5 or 6 million copies in the US, Reload sold 3 or 4 million and St. Anger has sold about 2 million which is the same that DM has sold so far. Now I know the Loads and St. Anger are not good albums but they've all gone multi platinum and if that isn't having hit albums then what is?

As for them pulling a Maiden they've already done that. Check out the sets they played at festivals in '07 and '08 before DM came out. It's all old school shit. Check the internet you can even download some of these shows as well.
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