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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I with you when it comes to getting NEM out of there. They shoudl've retired that after the tour for the Black Album i can't understand why the band has such a hard on for it. The same goes for Sad But True i like the song but it doesn't need to be there every set.
They have a hard on for it because 70% of the people that go to see them love that song, not to mention that that song and Enter Sandman are their biggest songs ever in terms of mainstream popularity. Why wouldn't they play those songs? I'd understand if you'd seen Metallica a bunch of times already and have heard those songs every time, but for people who are seeing them for the first time (like me in October in Toronto), they'd probably like to hear those songs. I'm actually looking forward to hearing NEM and singing along to it since i've never had the experience of doing it. I can understand people's frustration with any band when it comes to playing the big radio singles, but it's just the way it goes on tours.
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