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Originally Posted by Queensrychian View Post
Could someone tell me why SAD BUT TRUE and Nothing Else Matters are so important to a Metallica set list? I think they both suck thank you very much! HMMMMM... Lets see Nothing else matters or For Whom, or maybe creeping, or how bout ride the lightning. Drop the day that never comes and play one of the greatest songs of all time Fade!!!!!!! What about drop sad but true and play either disposable heroes or battery, or damage inc. And who doesn't love Dyers Eve? F#$% Fuel and play some good Sh&%!!!!!!!!! TURN THE F'n Page?? Four horseman thank you very much! Has everyone forgotten about whiplash???????????????? DIE DIE MY DARLING...... WHat a hunk of Sh&%!!! They get set in their ways and never change, they should take a fan pole and find out what we want to hear. I've never run into a Metallica fan that said oh yeah they better play DIE DIE MY DARLING tonight.
Calm down man it's only one set. All of the songs you mentioned they should play they still do play. Unfortunately not at every show like they used to but I like them switching certian songs up every night but also it causes some sets to be subpar like this one is. The comment about them getting set in their ways and never change is way off. They're one of the few bands that actually changes songs in the set every night. I with you when it comes to getting NEM out of there. They shoudl've retired that after the tour for the Black Album i can't understand why the band has such a hard on for it. The same goes for Sad But True i like the song but it doesn't need to be there every set. If they wanna do something off the Black Album there they should switch SBT up with Wherever I May Roam which is a much better song and hasn't really been in the set at all over the last few months.

If you wanna see how they do change their set on a nightly basis go to They've got setslists from all the shows they've done this tour.

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