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Avengers (and Avengers Disassembled)

So, Marvel's grand scheme to do individual movies for each Avenger by 2011 and then release a culminating Avengers movie mostly based on Mark Millar's "The Ultimates". Pretty fucking awesome, right? I'm very excited for the whole set of movies, and the first two have been a mixture of fucking amazing (Iron Man) and pretty damn good and way better than the Eric Bana version (The Incredible Hulk).

They just cast Natalie Portman in Thor. That movie, along with Captain America, are the nearest to completion I believe. Then they're gonna do Wasp and Giant Man/Antman movies, and possibly a Nick Fury movie. Iron Man 2 is also in the works.

I'm just not sure they can pull it off and get all the movies done and cast everyone for the Avengers movie by 2011. I mean, they've already got to retain Ed Norton and Robert Downey, Jr. and these guys could be doing whatever the fuck they want. Still, I'm hopeful. This could end up being one of the greatest "series" of all time (if we consider them all to be loosely connected in plot continuity and the fact that the culminating project exists).

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