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Mile High Music Festival -- Denver, CO -- July 18th, 2009

Here are setlists for Tool and Incubus from the annual Mile High Music Festival in Denver. Tool was amazing. Best live band I've ever seen. However, they really disappoint with their setlist, which contains a relatively small sampling of their catalog and is virtually unchanged from the second leg of their 10,000 Days tour from winter 2007. I was hoping for some changes. Both Tool and Incubus played for about 80-90 minutes each.

The Fields at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
July 18, 2009


01. Jambi
02. (-) Ions Intro
03. Stinkfist
04. Forty Six & 2
05. Schism
06. Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
07. Rosetta Stoned
08. Flood
09. Lateralus

10. Vicarious


01. Privilege
02. Pardon Me
03. Nice to Know You
04. Anna Molly
05. Stellar
06. Megalomaniac
07. Love Hurts
08. Drive
09. Dig
10. Circles
11. A Certain Shade of Green
12. Oil and Water
13. A Kiss To Send Us Off
14. Punch Drunk
15. Let’s go Crazy (Prince Cover)

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