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KISS -- London, Ontario -- July 17th, 1977

Early show on KISS'S Love Gun Tour that had some surprises in the set according to a poster at

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Take Me
3. Ladies Room
4. I Stole Your Love
5. Got Love For Sale
6. Hooligan
7. Firehouse
8. Almost Human
9. Love Gun
10. Shock Me/Ace Solo
11. I Want You
12. Calling Dr. Love
13. Shout It Out Loud
14. Gene Solo/God Of Thunder/Peter Solo/Reprise
15. Rock And Roll All Nite

16. Beth
17. Makin Love
18. Black Diamond

Nothing to prove this was the setlist...the poster swears up and down these were the songs they played because he wrote them down on the inner-sleave of his Rock And Roll Over LP that he wanted the band to sign and never did get to go backstage.

I myself am unsure but if he is telling the truth...this is a rare show for sure.
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