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Originally Posted by ijwthstd View Post
I don't think setlists have much of an effect on concert sales one way or the other except if someone likes the current setlists they are more likely to be a repeat customer.
That's true to a certian extent but I think a big reason concert ticket sales are down is becasue bands like this who used to play two hours are now playing 90 mins or less and once word gets around via the internet or word of mouth people just say "well fuck it i'm not paying 90 bucks a ticket to see a band perform for 75 mins"

Plus look at the four songs they took out if you made a top ten list of the most well known songs from the band those four would be in it. Those are songs they need to play at every show and they cut them out? I don't know if it's them being lazy or just getting to old but no matter how you look at it, it's just bush league crap and the band needs to toughen up get out there and do all the songs that are on the set and don't cheat the fans by cutting out four of your most famous songs.

Aerosmith has really started pissing me off with this tour.
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