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Originally Posted by Elvenking View Post
That's a fucking show. all bands playing about 2 hours! minus FNM, WHY CAN'T BANDS DO THIS NOW!
Because bands are fuckin lazy now and wanna charge more to play less time. Metallica is one of the few bands who still does two hours live. I know if GNR were touring they'd probably be doing around 2 hours a set as well. Metallica still sells out shows now cos they give the fans their money's worth. I think a big reason for concert ticket sales being down is not because of the economy or whatever it's cos concert goers have gotten wise to the fact that headliners are playing way less time now and charging a lot more to see them. If it's a festival i understand the headliner playing a shorter set due to the staked lineup but if there's only 2 or 3 bands on the bill and you've got the material you should be giving the fans at least an hour and 45 mins or a little more.

Sorry about that rant now onto the original thread topic. I saw this show when it came to my city. I was only 13 and it was my first metal show my dad was cool enough to take me and my brother, my dad liked GNR anyway. To this day it remains my favorite show of all time. At that time these were my 3 favorite bands so i was in heaven. The only thing that was different with the Metallica's set when I saw them is that The Shortest Straw was played second before Harvester and that they didn't do Damage i can't remember what they closed with but it deffinately wasn't Damage. All 3 bands were great and i'm glad i got to see GNR when they were on top of the world before Axl pulled all his bullshit that caused the original GNR to disband.
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