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Originally Posted by Electric/Funeral55 View Post
Judas got bitten by a white snake at Jones Beach.

So what do you do when you don’t play America for quite some time and have a new record out? You exclude that window of opportunity by just playing ONE song from it which was ‘Lay Down Your Love’ and crawl back to doing all of your hits.
FYI. The record company that was producing the GTBB record went bankrupt. They have no way to get the album out to the people right now, which is why your only hearing the one song they released here. If you catch Whitesnake by themselves somewhere on this tour (I caught them in Grand Rapids), you'll also hear Best Years (opener) and Can You Hear The Wind Blow (between Bad Boys which is 2nd and Love Ain't No Stranger, 4th).

I agree with you... I would have loved to hear something prior to Slide It In but, David has eluded to not necessarily being that comfortable after not touring America in a awhile. I think he's trying to get his footing again. That said, if you haven't seen them do Burn/Stormbringer from the Live: In The Still Of The Night DVD/CD, it's well worth the money!! They also do Ready An Willing, Don't Break My Heart Again, Take Me With You, and Ain't No Love on that DVD as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing them again this Sunday w/JP in Chicago.

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