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Ratt -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 17th, 2009

I wouldn't have gone to this because I couldn't really afford paying close to 60 bucks for the pit ticket. But Live Nation had some '7/11' offer where they were selling GA floor tickets for $7.11 on July the 11th. So I got a floor ticket and decided to go to this show. And I'm really glad I did!!

I got there at around 5.30 and there weren't too many people in line. Got in at 7 and easily got up against the wall which seperates the first and second floor sections. It was a great view too, as it was higher than the first section.

Swirl were pretty good. I was enjoying their songs a lot actually. Would definitely check their myspace. They played for 30 minutes.

Extreme were a mixed bag. They did some good fast songs and then they did some love ballads and shit too. I liked only the fast stuff. Sheila E came on as additional drummer for the last song and I thought that song was the coolest of their whole set. They played for about 75 minutes.

Ratt hit the stage at around 10.10. The stage setup was awesome. You'll see that in the pictures I took. I was expecting Body Talk to be the opening song, but it wasn't that. And the sound level became suddenly much higher than the previous two bands, so I couldn't catch the lyrics too well. Other than that I was able to recognize and sing along to almost every song. Man.. they played the whole Out of the Cellar album as a 25th anniversary celebration!! It was a great set indeed. The only song which was played out of order from the album was 'Round and Round' as its always the closing song. All the band members were in top form and put on an amazing show. The crowd were getting really involved in the show too. They finished at 11.40.
My favorites for the night were 'Body Talk', 'Lay It Down', 'She Wants Money', 'Back for More' and of course, 'Round and Round'.
Pictures here:

Here's the setlist :
1. Tell The World
2. I Want A Woman
3. Slip of the Lip
4. Nobody Rides For Free
5. Body Talk
6. Way Cool Jr.
7. Lay It Down
8. You're In Love
9. Wanted Man
10.You're In Trouble
11.In Your Direction
12.She Wants Money
13.Lack Of Communication
14.Back For More
15.The Morning After
16.I'm Insane
17.Scene Of The Crime
18.Round And Round
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