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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I don't think that's the reason as to why all of Toys wasn't played it was just a thought. Juding by this set it seems that they realise that people are coming to hear a greatest hits set not all of Toys so maybe that's why they changed it.

Cutting four songs outta the set is just plain garbage though. It's unfortunate that their sets are so short now. I saw them 3 or 4 times when they toured for Get A Grip and each time the show was at least 2 hours if not a little more. The last time i saw them live was in '97 when they toured for Nine Lives and again they put on a kick ass 2 hour show. If they can't tour and live up to the standard they've set for themselves live then it's deffinately time to retire
I also saw them on the Get A Grip tour (my first rock concert ever when I was about 13 years old) and it was amazing. I also saw them twice on the Nine Lives tour and once for Just Push Play and they were still putting on great shows then. I then saw them on the Honkin on Bobo tour and was dissapointed in their performance for the first time and they were even worse on the Motley Crue tour. Like you said, they've set a standard for themselves that they now cannot live up to.
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