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Necromance -- Allentown, PA -- July 17th, 2009

Hey, tonight my band played a free showcase gig at a Music Store in the area. Pretty neat environment with a decent stage and sound. Turnout was alright. Considering the show was free, on a Friday night, and we gave everyone 2 months' notice, it was pretty terrible. But the people were pretty into it. Any time the audience are into it enough for me to really get into it and not feel stupid, I'm happy, and tonight the energy was good.

Set list:
01.Never look Back
02.Stand Up and Fight
03.Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
04.Strange Wings (Savatage)
06.The End of Our Days
07.Take Hold of the Flame (Queensryche)
08.Breaking the Chains
09.Destiny Calls
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