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This was the tour that Axl was a full fledged smack addict on. He held our show up 50 minutes and people were throwing clumps of sod from the lawn seats. Dodging projectile sod from behind is a skill unlike any other.

I remember going apeshit during Get the Lead Out. What a great song. Also loved Rats in the Cellar & Big 10 Inch. With as many incredible songs as Aerosmith have when I see them playing Rag Doll, Angel, Cryin and that poppy shit I just roll my eyes. The last great written Aerosmith song to me is Lightning Strikes. There is some tolerable shit after that but overall it's total MTV crap. Alicia Silverstone jsut called and offered to give Steven Tyler his balls back. hahahaha
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon
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