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Dream Clutch setlist

Bored as hell an I wanna get ill, but instead I'll make up a setlist an chill I'm all hopped up on Clutch these days what with the new album and the show next week, and the great thing about making a dream Clutch setlist is that they're probably the only band where it could actually be a reality at any given show, cuz Clutch are tight like that.

This for when they finally do their "An Evening with Clutch" tour (wanna bet?)

1.) Profits of Doom
2.) Pure Rock Fury
3.) Sea of Destruction
4.) Guild of Mute Assassins
5.) Power Player
6.) White's Ferry
7.) Struck Down
8.) Minotaur
9.) Mercury
10.) Never Be Moved
11.) Child of the City
12.) Gullah
13.) Promoter (Of Earthbound Causes)
14.) I Have The Body of John-Wilkes Booth
15.) Abraham Lincoln
16.) The Dragonfly


17.) Slow Hole To China
18.) The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
19.) Mice & Gods
20.) Escape From The Prison Planet
21.) The Soapmakers
22.) Smoke Banshee
23.) The Great Outdoors
24.) Subtle Hustle
25.) 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
26.) Freakonomics
27.) Willie Nelson
28.) Muchas Veces
29.) Ghost
30.) The Regulator
31.) Animal Farm
32.) The Mob Goes Wild


33.) Tight Like That
34.) In The Wake of the Swollen Goat
35.) Spacegrass
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