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All That Remains -- Chicago, IL -- February 24th, 2008

This concert was supposed to be all that remains, chimaira, divine heresy, and five finger death punch, but five finger cancelled the tour and a band named yakuza took they're place (they sucked ass. they had a horn player).

Yakuza- dont know them and they sucked

Divine Heresy- they were new when i saw them but i know they played bleed the fifth, failed creation, this threat is real, and impossible is nothing. This singer really got the crowd going and there was a sweet wall of death. And Dino walked through the crowd after the show. It was at a house of blues so it was a smaller place and he was getting drinks at the bar.

Chimaira- I'm a huge Chimaira fan now because of this tour. They were absolutely amazing live. Mark Hunter really gets the crowd going, Rob and Matt shredded, Andols was fast and brutal, and i caught one of Jim's picks. Chris is an awesome head banger too. Ever since this tour i have listened to them non stop. But before this tour i only had Resurrection. I think this was the setlists but i forgot a few songs

1. dehumanizing process
2. end it all
3. black heart
4. pure hatred
5. salvation
6. the flame
7. worthless
8. resurrection
9. pure hatred

All That Remains- they put on a great show. Phil was excellent. He let the crowd sing most of the clean vocals though. I shook Oli's hand after the show.

1. The Air that i breathe
2. indictment
3. it dwells in me
4. for salvation
5. we stand
7. tattered on my sleeve
8. not alone
9. this darkened heart
10. this calling
encore: the weak willed
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