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I tell ya I've seen many a great band open for Slayer, Fear Factory being my favorite probably but Unearth was right up there. When they played the 930 club a few years ago the setlist was sick and the crowd went ballsitic for them. The played This Glorious Nightmare, This Time was Mine, Giles, March of the Mutes, Sanctity of Brothers and the 4 best songs off Oncoming Storm they always play. It blew away every setlist I had seen for them including the dvd setlst. Then I saw them Headline and they did a similar set with some older stuff minus This time was mine and Mutes which was still cool.

This year they put out their worst cd by a mile to me, open for Testament and totally shit the bed. The setlist I saw totally dissed their best cd III In the eyes of fire and concentrated solely on those 4 from oncoming storm and all new shit. No one was really into them and people were mulling around during their set. They lost so many fans on that tour and set me into a level of pissed off I hadn't been in a long time.

How do you only play 1 song from your best cd? How do you not play the best song you've written as a band? Did they think a Testament crowd was soft and wanted to hear emo sounding new shit instead of the incredible riffage and time signatures from III? They're fukkin idiots and I'll never see them again without seeing the setlist 1st. At least they added Giles back for this show but to drop Black Hearts is idotic. I wish I had never bought their new cd out of principle now. It sucks donkey dicks.
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