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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Still haven't seen it but Clutch were FURIOUS about the packaging on the last one - apparently they had a cool digipak planned but DRT released it in a jewel case. That was the main reason why they're doing their records on their own label from now on, they were really pissed off at all the labels they've worked with.

And I think the highlight is "Abraham Lincoln" personally.
Hmm. Did not know about the digipack thing w/ DRT for the last album but I'm glad they got mad to do their own label. It's odd b/c generally that isn't how I normally start rating a new album by it's packaging but this was worth mentioning.

Definitley not going to question anyones opinion but I've listened to "Abraham Lincoln" a few times & even heard them play it back in Feb. but I honestly can't get into it. I mean I really want to but it just doesn't do it for me personally but hey if you like it, it's all good. Even Clutch that doesn't move me as much, it will still move me more than 95% that is out there right now.
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