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At the Orlando show, I was talking to the drummer of Blackguard and I asked "So hey, excited to have another girl on tour?" (talking about Winds of Plauge). And she said "Oh yes! At 1st I was excited because I could have another female to talk to about girlly female things and say how bad the boys smell and stuff. But not anymore... She doesn't talk to anyone, she just does her own thing and is a bit of a drama queen. She ignores pretty much everyone."

While she is attractive, she is a bitch haha.

I saw them with Dimmu Borgir (Well I should say Danzig, but...NAH!) and they were TERRIBLE!!!!!!! live... 20 minute set of what sounded like only breakdowns. 10 second breaks between songs, then back into another one. Not once did the singer say "Hi We're Such-n-Such" or even "This one's called..." They just played, played played, and the crowd got so bored. I saw them KINDA at Orlando, and was not impressed, they had not improved.

Good on album, Absolute Shit Live.
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