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No doubt man. Any band that wants to play after Slayer obviously rode the short bus to school. I was so fired up after seeing Slayer last time that Manson sounded like Coldplay in comparison. He should know better.

I totally agree that Gematria would be a perfect opener. Go right into Liberate and people will go ape shit. I personally never want to hear Wait and bleed again as long as I live. I'm sure some people love singing along but give me Snap and I'd be a pig in slop. I think Snap is the best driving song I've ever come across. Maybe Bad Habit from Offspring 2nd. Total road rage inducing shit.

I'm starting to wonder about all the Slayer set list discrepancies. Normally they choose a set list and stick to it 99% of the tour. I was yelling for Jesus Saves one time and the sound guy said they're set is always the same because of the lighting schemes. Makes sense really but I think with so many great songs, fuck the lights and play obscure shit that the diehard fans want to hear. As much as people seem to love Dead Skin Mask, I'd rather have Crypts of Eternity, Black Magic, Show No Mercy or a RIB medley of Postmortem/Reborn/Jesus Saves.
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