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I think the comparison was Slayer and Manson vs Slipknot and Disturbed in which case I'll take Slayer and Manson. Disturbed are a good band but live it all sounds alike to me. They desperately need to speed their music up and stop using the same tempo for every song but that's just me. I like Slipknot a shit ton but they're still playing songs I've seen 7 times live. Why they're not playing Gematria and All hope is gone live makes zero sense. Both songs are heavy as fuck and people want to hear them live. I've heard Dead Memories live and it's the perfect time to make a beer run from what I heard.

As far as Manson goes his 1st 2 cd's are great. When I saw him on the Antichrist Superstar tour he absolutely killed it. Songs like Get your Gunn, Cake and Sodomy, 1996, Reflecting God, AC Superstar, Dogma, Snake Eyes & Sissies & the hits everyone knows are all solid tunes and translate well live.

When I saw him headline over Slayer last year he totally shat the bed. Not 1 song off the 1st cd, 3 off ACS and a bunch of shit from eat me, drink me mixed in with his video hits. The Slayer crowd actually gave him a chance and he blew it. Within his 1st 5 songs he had played The Fight Song and 4 shitty new songs and people filed out in droves. He could win some people over by opening with 1996 but he chose to play it next to last when people were already home. I'll give him a shot this year but if he plays a bunch of crap off his new cd, i'm out.
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