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Hey dudes,first time posting. This is the correct set list for Slayer on 7/12/09

2.War Ensemble
3.Ghosts of War
5.Psychopathy Red
6.Born of Fire
7.Mandatory Suicide
8.Chemical Warfare
9.Deadskin Mask
10.Hell Awaits
11.Angel of Death
12.South of Heaven
13.Postmortem/Raining Blood

Quick lil review of the Jager and Hot topic stage.
It is one big stage cut in half.Hot topic stage kicks the show off.Once that set is finished,30 seconds later the Jager side kicks up.It alternates very fluently between the sides.No hiccups at all.And definitely where all the MAYHEM is.

Once these stages or stage "if you will "are done the mainstage kicks up 30 seconds later.

Please note that all times for the Jager and Hot topic stages as stated for the show per the venue flyer need to be bumped up 20 min.It doesn't get back ontrack until Slayer 8:30.

Example in next post.
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