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i'll post my review now.

i got to the parking lot around 12ish. drank a bit and smoked a little weed. so i had a little nice head change.

as i enter Whitechapel starts to play. who IMO were pretty good live. i hate deathcore as much as the next metalhead but these guys have alot potential and talent. the singers highs and lows are great. these guys delivered live. i posted their setlist on page 2.

i didn't watch the jager band. so JFAC was next. i usually hate them on studio but i thought they were decent. they kinda bored me after awhile though. i only recognized them opening with knee deep, unfuryling a darkened gospel, entombment of a machine, and closed with embedded. they played more than that though.

so God Forbid was next. i'm not too familiar with their material but i thought they were good and entertaining. i only recognized empire of the gun, to the fallen hero, and i think they closed with end of the world. i don't remember them playing walk alone which i thought they were going to play.

Behemoth was next and i didn't watch them cuz i was getting exhausted and needed water. so after doing that i watched their set from the top hill. they seemed to put on a great entertaining show for the people who came to see them but i'm not really that into that type of metal so ya.

next up was All That Remains. i thought they were pretty good. my 3rd time seeing them live since '06. i'm not really a fan but i recognized almost all of their setlist. new material sounds great live.

finally was the band i came to see most on this festival: Black Dahlia Murder. and holy shit they delivered. i went pitting alot to these guys and had loads of fun. these guys are very entertaining every time i see them and always sound great live. i posted their setlist on page 2. i really wanted to hear Elder Misanthropy again but oh well. BDM was def the highlight of Mayhem fest for me.

next up was Trivium. i didn't really watch them. i was too exhausted from BDM so i got some water and met up with some friends that barely showed up to the show. I saw the last Trivium song which was Pull Harder. I would've been disappointed if they played Gunshot and Kirisute Gomen since i like those songs a lot but they didn't play them so its fine i guess. i've seen them 2x before this show also.

Cannibal Corpse was next and i wasn't that into them. they did alot for their genre but idk i can't get into it. seems to have put on an entertaining show though.

Bullet For My Valentine was next and TBH i enjoy them on studio but i thought they were lame live for some reason. they were okay but just kind of bored me.

Killswitch Engage was up next and i thought they did great live. i could honestly say i don't like the new material at all. i like reckoning off the new album but they didn't play that.

Slayer was next and they were fucking great. i've never really been a fan of Slayer but they delivered. the crowd got crazy when they played their 3 last most famous songs.

i didn't stay for MM. the only song i like from him is Torniquet. i was going to stay but i was too exhausted and very hungry so my friends and i took off.

overall this is a fucking great show. probably the best outdoors show i've ever been to.
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