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Alrite, so here is my review.

Got up at 9 30, exhausted as fuck, as going to bed the night before at 4 in the morning. got in the car, and the 2 hour drive was totally worth it.

I recomment that you either get their early or late. Me and my friends waited in line for literally at least 1 hour. While hearing Whitechapel and the Jager Battle of the Bands winner play. We got in, got something to eat, and walked over to the hot topic stage to see that job for a cowboy was playing. i am not a fan so I got in a line to meet trivium. I missed all of god forbid and the beginning of behemoth, which i regret, but it also was amazing to meet one of my idolicized bands in metal music, Trivium.

I also got a magazine signed, since if they had signed the back of my t-shirt it wouldn't have worked because they had only black sharpies.

Saw the end of Behemoth, and got in the pit a little. It was my first time seeing them live, and holy shit they put on a show!! I love their masks, and the brutality of their music

Next was All That Remains, and they are one of my favorite bands (I have a guilty pleasure for some metalcore). They were awesome, and I hope they come back soon. They were also the first band I've ever seen three times. (I swa them on In Flames tour, Revolver Golden Gods, and now Mayhem Festival 2009).

Now on to San Manuel Ampitheatre's food. NEVER buy a hot dog from San Manuel Ampitheatre unless you want to miss half of one of your favorite bands sets vomiting it out. I still got their full setlist, and im not sure whether or not someone has posted it yet, I'm too lazy to check.

1. This Calling
2. Chiron
3. Forever In Your Hands (Dedicated to girl's butts)
4. Six
5. The Air That I Breathe
6. Undone
7. Two Weeks

Black Dahlia Murder played next. Nothing to report. Their not my kind of band.

Trivium kicked ass. I didn't mosh or pay as much attention as I would've liked to as I was still feeling the effects of that godforsaken hot dog.

when i walked in they were in the middle of down from the Sky.

Rest of their set went like this:

1. Down From the Sky
2. Throes of Perdition
3. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

After this I was ready to go in our seats, but my friend loves Cannibal Corpse so I went and watched their set from afar. I respect everything that Cannibal Corpse has done for the genre, but I can never seem to get into their actual music. They were still a great band.

While Bullet for My Valentine was playing, I walked around, looking at merch. I can never bring myself to buy too much merchandise at shows because I know that most of the stuff they're selling I can buy for so much cheaper at different stores.

After their set was over, we walked to our seats. Surprisingly, KsE put on a pretty respectable show. I'm glad they played some of their older material, I can't stand their new album. Rose of Sharyn was definetely the highlight for me. Adam D. never fails to impress with his hilarity, and whether you like it or not, Howard Jones has a very amazing voice.

After waiting this long, Slayer had to impress, and holy shit they did. I can't say that I knew every song they were playing but the ones I did recognize they played amazingly! I only wish that they could have played Black Magic.

There is no way to really describe the show that they put on unless you were actually at it. Slayer is such an amazing band (if you didn't already realize ) and I hopefully will get to see them again at some point.

I put up a video of Raining Blood on youtube:

Like several have said before, I left before Marilyn Manson. But a friend I knew that did stay said that they were awesome. That person also hates metal, screaming, and anything that sounds good .

It was a good day in my metal world, seeing several bands that I had idolized for a long time but had never gotten to see. I suggest that if you are deliberating going to this festival, just go. It is well worth the money to get decent seats and seeing the show of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading,

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