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Killswitch is a band that I really want to get into but they make it hard. I made a compilation cd of their best songs and it's a damn good cd. That being said they keep doing shit that makes me want to projectile vomit. I personally think ANY band that puts out a self titled album that isn't their 1st are fukkin assclowns. It's a total record company ploy and (using my favorite line from The Hangover) it's Paging Dr. Faggot-esque.

The cover of Holy Diver is horrific only to be outdone by the total joke of a video they created for the song. Please bury that song and video forever to regain some assemblance of credibility.

I totally agree that they should have evolved by now and I prefer the 1st singer even though Howard might be better technically. Last time I saw them live the 1 guitarist had his strap so high his guitar was at his chin and he did the worst Angus Young impression known to man. I'm all about having fun but he looks like a fukkin clown parading around like Bruno on crack. FAIL!

I don't know. I got into Killswitch and Shadows Fall around the same time and I much prefer Shadows Fall, especially live. Hopefully KSE drops the Holy Diver cover from their mayhem set and I can really get into them. I do give them credit for playing most of their best songs every show.
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