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By the way, here's my review.

Got there when BFMV were about to play their last song. Killswitch Engage played after them. Didn't care for their music at all. Moshed during the Holy Diver cover, which is the most fucked up cover I've ever heard in my life. But hey at least I knew the lyrics so it was the only song I enjoyed in their set.

Slayer hit the stage at around 8.40 and the pit was fuckin insane!! I made it to the third row center, directly in front of Tom Araya. Loved each and every minute of it!!!

Didn't stay for Manson. On the whole, a great Slayer set and I hope I can see them "headline" next time and play at least half an hour longer. Seeing songs like War Ensemble, Mandatory Suicide, Psycopathy Red, Angel of Death and Raining Blood made it totally worth for me to go to this show just to see this band
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