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Atheist -- New York, NY -- July 12th, 2009

Gnostic I didn't really pay too much attention to, but they were very good. Psyopus were just as I expected them to be: terrible. Agonist weren't there, which works out; one less shitfest to have to endure...

The Faceless, however, put on a very good show, as always. Although, throughout each bands set, BB Kings' microphone kept shitting out, so, that kinda took away from it, but not that badly...

Prison Born
Sons of Belial
Shapeshifters/Coldly Calculated Design
Oracle of the Onslaught (I think, not sure)
Legion of the Serpent
An Autopsy
The Ancient Covenant

Atheist were in-fucking-credible. They didn't play as long as they should have. 9 song set list plus a 1 song encore is not enough from a band as good as they are, especially when it's their reunion/headlining tour. It was, according to Kelly, the first time they'd ever played in New York, so, here's the set list:

Unquestionable Presence
On They Slay
Unholy War
Incarnation's Dream
Mother Man
And the Psychic Saw
Piece of Time

I really wish they could have played Room With a View and I Deny. They were sick either way, and I can't wait to see them again next year with a new album.
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